Helping Seniors Move Through Life

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Senior Activities

At our Senior Center you will enjoy social outings and lunches.  Play Bingo and cards and learn a new craft activity.      The library comes to you and so does the zoo and health screenings.  We will even pick you up and bring you here.  You won't want to miss this!













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We have an empty seat just your size!  Let us take you shopping, to your doctor appointments, fill your prescriptions or to get your hair done, banking and other social trips.  Give us a call - we'll get you where you need to go!  (314) 352-0141













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Home-Delivered Meals

You will receive a smile and a well balanced lunch delivered right to your front door by a friendly City Seniors employee.  Our home-delivered meal staff have been given complete background checks and trained in elder and disability issues.  They will be wearing a pictured ID badge for your safety.